Press Release

For Immediate Release
June 14, 2012

SalesReach™ Telecom by SalesReach Software is a™ application that instantly transforms™ into the most powerful application available for Telecommunications Carriers, Telecom Agents, IT VARs and MSP’s and other similar businesses.  Without SalesReach, users may need to spend significant amounts of time and money transforming the basic sales and support clouds to conform to the needs of their telecom and IT business.  SalesReach solves this instantly.

“After years of work and hundreds of thousands of development dollars spent, SalesReach has reached critical mass”, said SalesReach Software CEO Pete Keane.  “With new user adoption now raging SalesReach, built on’s platform, is becoming the dominant application in use for telecommunications, IT VARs and MSP’s.  Companies using old fashioned server based, “.net” and ASP model platforms risk being left in the dust by users of SalesReach.”  Mr. Keane went on to say.

SalesReach exceeds all the requirements telecom carriers, agents, VARs and MSPs need to run their businesses.  With the associated product QuoteReach™ – which allows users to add hundreds of thousands of Telecom and IT products and services to quotes quickly and easily by a searchable database, API feeds and/or the exclusive “Add a Product Wizard –  Create a Product” feature, SalesReach creates the perfect storm for the legacy systems that carriers, agents, VARs and MSPs have used.

Mr. Keane said: “Regarding systems like Masterstream, RPM, AutoTask and Connectwise and similar older systems, SalesReach easily replaces these legacy systems with a more robust, easy to use, feature rich, one hundred percent cloud based architecture.  The problems of data import and export, a lack in some of any commission processing capability, the inability of others for field, formula and workflow creation, etc. are all removed.”

“The genius in SalesReach was choosing the industry leading software as a service platform,™, to write this application on.  Why anyone would use ten plus year old, smokestack type products, which in some cases are so complex that user adoption is difficult at best, when for the first time they can easily get a complete cradle to grave view of all customer interactions and history is beyond me.  We’ve taken all the hard work out of deploying in to Telecom and IT.”

SalesReach features include all of the following in the low per user monthly license fee:

Telecom and IT Field, Formula, Workflow & Template Customization – All the field, formula, workflow, template and other generalized customization a telecom carrier or agent, VAR, MSP or similar business needs.

Telecom and IT Commission Management – Import carrier and supplier commission statements easily, exclusive “Triple Play Reconciliation” prevents duplicate account creation and miss-applied commissions, Processing, Splitting and Reporting.

SalesReach’s robust commission processing runs as a native app, allowing commission tracking directly within each opportunity; within each sales rep record and, of course, by numerous reports and dashboards. Commissions can be paid to Agencies, Reps and Agents in a virtually unlimited number of ways.

Telecom and IT Services Add a Product Wizard – SalesReach includes the exclusive “Add a Product Wizard”. It allows a User to search hundreds of thousands of telecom and IT products in the SalesReach product database.  Then users can select and add them to the Opportunity.  Once a selected product has been added the “Add a Product Wizard” offers the SalesReach exclusive ability to allow a User to create a product “on the fly”.

This powerful application allows for the telecom or IT industry User to, for example, add IP ports from the Searchable database and then by “Creating a Product on the fly” they can add the carrier provided loop price to the Opportunity product list.  Further, the created product is automatically added to the SalesReach product database but only for that single use.  This prevents a created product, applicable to just the one quote, from erroneously being used again.

All Opportunity product line items added, automatically update the value of the Opportunity so as to provide accurate management reporting of sales funnels, and closed won or closed lost Opportunities.  This happens automaticly.

Telecom and IT Asset Management – SalesReach instantly adds virtually every possible field, formula and workflow needed to the Assets module of  By doing this, all Assets – POTs line (ANI) information, circuit ID’s, IP, MAC and other addresses, hosted VoIP or phone system and other equipment serial numbers, order processing information, service delivery data and so on, may all be conveniently seen in the Account or Opportunity record they relate to.  Sales, Implementation, Support and other departments all work off the same data to improve reporting, speed up installation and improve support.  This can feed to or be fed from carrier back office systems via’s open API.

Telecom and IT Scheduling and Dispatch Management – SalesReach has easy to use scheduling and dispatch management capabilities.  This allows telecommunications or IT organizations that dispatch their own employees or subcontractors to do so easily, quickly, completely and inexpensively.

Technicians don’t need expensive licensees. SalesReach is built to use’s Chatter system so that work orders or dispatch tickets can be sent to one or more recipients for assignment, acceptance or rejection, dispatch, progress reports and completion, of the dispatch work order.  The Chatter app is deployed to the technicians on IPad, IPhone, Droid and Blackberry editions.  It is a free app.

Telecom and IT Trouble Ticket (Case) Management – SalesReach has the derived connections between Accounts, Contacts, Opportunities, Assets, Cases and other Objects.  But SalesReach adds the field and workflows to support web, phone or email to Case for opening tickets.  It integrates with Carrier Ticketing systems by the open API for immediate updates and even when not API connected has the fields needed to track, escalate, report on and quickly and accurately close Trouble Tickets.

Remote Monitoring and Management Integration – SalesReach is equipped to receive feeds from all RMM tools such as Labtech, Level Platforms, GFI and others.  All data the RMM tool can pass is directly parsed into the corresponding field in the optional RMM tool object.

Partner Portal – SalesReach is designed to allow those Carriers, Master Agents, Master MSPs or others with Channel Programs or direct sales reps, to seamlessly push the SalesReach functionality to those Channel Partners and Sales Reps.  This reduces the cost per user of for companies with large direct sales teams by allowing sales reps, managers and directors to use the SalesReach Portal edition at almost a fifty percent cost reduction versus’s enterprise edition and almost seventy five percent less than’s unlimited edition.

QuoteReach™– integrates into SalesReach and further enhances our exclusive “Add a Product Wizard” with an API driven pricing and service availability engine.  QuoteReach transfers address and phone number fields from SalesReach fields to our pricing engine, validates the address via the US Census Bureau database which provides the V & H coordinate information Telecom Carriers often need, allows selection of product type, speed, features, etc.  It then does an API lookup to the carriers systems to determine if service is available and if so at what price for a given term.  All of that information is then automatically transferred to SalesReach Opportunity Product Line Items, for inclusion in the quote or proposal.

SalesReach is available by contacting SalesReach Software at (843) 321-4220 or by email at and are trademarks of, inc.  SalesReach and  QuoteReach are trademarks of SalesReach Software LLC. Other marks are the property of their respective owners.