SalesReach Commission Management Released on AppExchange

After years of development and use by companies from one user to Fortune 50 Global Enterprises, SalesReach has released SalesReach Commission Management on the AppExchange.

SalesReach Commission Management is built for high volume, multi-source, residual compensation businesses like Telecom, Insurance, Distribution, Brokers, Pharmaceuticals and others. It can also be used cost effectively by companies as small as one person.

SalesReach Commission Management is an outgrowth of the award winning SalesReach Telecom which has been used for over two years. It offers Residual & One Time commission processing; unlimited split configurations, ten standard and unlimited custom commission plan levels. It offers easy importation of multiple supplier or billing system files to allow quick and easy processing of complex commission systems.

Pete Keane, CEO, lead designer and founder of SalesReach Software said: “I am proud to announce SalesReach Commission Management. It is the culmination of almost four years of development and real world, crowd sourced product improvement. We’ve had commission processing as a component of SalesReach Telecom for several years. SalesReach Telecom was released on the AppExchange last July. It was the development engine that allowed us to make this the safest, most secure and the only 100% native commission App running exclusively on servers. This means companies that have regulatory, confidentiality and other issues relating to financial data security, never have to worry again about these issues.”

Mr. Keane also pointed out these additional aspects of the application: “SalesReach Commission Management is designed for the high volume, multi-source, Residual & Transactional Commission Processing needs of SMB and Enterprise customers. These customers can use the Group, Professional, Enterprise or Unlimited editions of

Businesses such as Telecommunications and Insurance Carriers and Agents, local, regional, national or global Distribution companies, Brokers and Agents in all industries are all candidates for SalesReach Commission Management.

Today we have several Fortune 500 clients already using and loving the SalesReach Commission Management App. This includes one of the worlds largest telecom carriers, the worlds largest IT hardware and software distribution company and many cloud services and VoIP providers. Frankly it’s a smash hit!”

Features and Benefits of the Application are:

  • SalesReach Commission Management has been in use for over two years as a part of SalesReach Telecom. It has processed millions of commission records for Carriers, Agents, VARs, MSP’s and other businesses.
  • In use by several Fortune 500 US companies. (References are available.)
  • Residual and One Time (SPIFF) commission processing.
  • Secure & Compliant – No external APIs. No external Servers. HIPPA, GRH Compliant. No external API’s.
  • Process and pay commissions from right inside your Org.
  • Eliminates external legacy applications.
  • All history maintained permanently.
  • Setup and implementation is a breeze!
  • Easy to use, perfectly accurate, reports are superb and costs are low.
  • Works for both Direct and Indirect (Channel) Sales.
  • Ten commission levels standard. Virtually Unlimited Configurations for Splits, Over-rides, etc. Split internally and externally.
  • Commissions display in Opportunities; under Contact (Sales Rep) and under Account (Rep’s Company).
  • Instantly sends commission reports to Partner Portal.

For additional information:

Pete Keane
(843) 321-4220