SalesReach Partner Cloud Now Available – Includes plus over 100 Carriers

For immediate release:
Sunday September 7, 2014

SalesReach Software announces the release of SalesReach Partner Cloud at the Cloud Partners expo in New Orleans.

$49.00 per month Partner Practice Management system with quoting, commissions and over 120 connected suppliers.

Hilton Head Island, SC:  SalesReach Software today announced the release of SalesReach Partner Cloud.  It is the next generation of Partner Practice Management applications from SalesReach Software.  The capabilities included for such an extraordinarily low price, of $49.00 for one user or $99.00 for three user packs are unmatched by older legacy technology products.  Additionally to help partners move from old fashioned legacy technology they may have used previously, SalesReach will buy our their old supplier contracts if the customer agrees to a term agreement.

The $49.00 single user or $99.00 three user SalesReach Partner Cloud packs offer amazing capabilities for the low price point.  These include:

  • Lead, Account, Contact, Opportunity, Asset (Inventory) and Case (Trouble Reporting) Management.
    • Lead generation function includes a private web to lead page that direct leads brought in right to the Partner.
  • QuoteReach – the industries leading CPQ – Configure, Price, Quote tool offering over 120 carriers and other suppliers to provide quote results in real-time and near-real time.
    • Quote documents are completely branded for the Partner and may be sent in a variety of formats including Google Docs, PDF, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or other formats.
    • It includes a web price tool allowing users to have the ability to request pricing for products and services that instantly creates a lead, account, contact and opportunity with an associated quote.
  • Master Agent Integration – Included in SalesReach Partner Cloud is direct connection to all of the following National Master Agents allowing product information, pricing, service availability, training and other supporting functions to be immediately available under a partner contracts with them.
    • Allied Communications – Co
    • Clarus Communications – Mo
    • eXemplify Group – Tx
    • Global Systems Telecom – Fl
    • Intelisys – Ca
    • Microcorp – Ga
    • PSI Network – Ca
    • RealCom Solutions – TX
    • TDM – Ky
    • WTG – IL
    • X4 Solutions – IL
  • SalesReach Commission Management – the most complete, easiest to use, commission tracking, import and payment system available.
  • SalesReach TEM – Telecom Expense Management – fully integrated TEM enabling users to manage customers TEM costs and earn revenues from the sale of TEM consulting.
  • Unlimited data storage and file sharing of files up to 2G in size replacing the need for products like Drop Box.
  • Unlimited additional Free logins to allow companies using SalesReach Partner Cloud to have their own personalized communities for their customers, subagents and direct suppliers to gain access to important information.
  • Completely secure. The Partner owns their data and no one can see the data except the Partner and their included users.  It offers three hierarchical levels of information access:
    • Executive – See’s all the data in the Partner account including one or more Manager and their users.
    • Manager – See’s their own data and that of all the users beneath them.
    • User – See’s their own data only.
    • Customizable Sharing Rules may be established if the User desires.
  • Integrated email – to allow users to send and receive email from their SalesReach Partner Cloud agency practice management app.

Telecom Partner, VARs and IT MSP’s needing a comprehensive Partner Practice Management app need look no farther.  Setup is complete in under fifteen minutes.  There is no long term contract. Payment is monthly recurring via credit card.  There is a one time setup charge of $100.00.

For more information contact Pete Keane by email at or by phone at (843) 321-4220 x 100.