SalesReach Announces Legacy Technology Buy-Out Promotion

For immediate release:
September 7, 2014

SalesReach Software Announces the Legacy Technology Buy Out Promotion

Directly targets older technologies such as Salestream Software’s Masterstream and RPM Software’s RPM Telco

Hilton Head Island, SC:  SalesReach Software, with the backing of venture capital partner Lighter Capital, has announced the Legacy Technology Buy-Out Promotion. This promotion, which is available until December 31, 2014 and only while available buy-out funds remain, allows users of older legacy technology such as the Salestream Software’s Masterstream or RPM Software’s RPM Telco to get out from under the burden of the limitations users experience with these older platforms.

Specifically, SalesReach Software  will take over any remaining payments for the old contracts, with the signing of a Term Plan agreement commensurate with the remaining term.  For example: an agent with eighteen months remaining on the old technology contract will be freed up from the payments to the legacy provider, while having their data moved by SalesReach to running the SalesReach Telecom App.  This removes the barrier to migration that existing agreements present.

Pete Keane, CEO of SalesReach Software said: “The shackles have been removed!  Any Agent, VAR, MSP or other technology dealer can now move to running SalesReach Telecom, without being burdened by an existing contract with a legacy technology product.”

Applicable legacy applications that SalesReach will apply this promotion to are:

  • SalesReach Software – Masterstream, for carriers or agents
  • RPM Software – RPM Telco, for carriers or agents

Terms of the Promotion include:

  • Customer must have an existing agreement with the legacy supplier with a minimum of six month remaining on it.
  • Customer must sign a three year term plan agreement with SalesReach Software plus the number of months remaining on the legacy provider contract.
  • SalesReach will make the payments to the legacy provider. If there exists a non-transfer clause in the contract, a credit will be issued each month to the customer by SalesReach for the cost of the agreement so payment can be made.
  • Customer must agree to an equal or greater number of licenses as currently exist with the legacy provider.
  • Customer must agree to follow SalesReach’s customer specific mix of licenses to maintain the best ratio of total new cost to legacy cost. The expectation is the Total Monthly Cost for the SalesReach provided services, including the related licenses, will be equal to or less that the current monthly cost, but this is not guaranteed.
  • Payment terms for SalesReach licenses will match the payment terms for the legacy provider. licenses may differ in this regard.

For more information contact Pete Keane at or by phone at (843) 321-4220 x 100.