SalesReach Joins directly with Telecom Carrier Billing Systems.

Seamless integration increases telecom service provider employee productivity, saves time and money while eliminating need for user training in multiple systems.

SalesReach Join lets telecom service providers using salesforce to connect to virtually any billing or OSS. Join moves the data between salesforce and the telecom billing system.

SalesReach Software, an authorized AppExchange Partner, today released SalesReach Join. This is the first and only system built specifically to “Join” telecom service providers using directly with their chosen telecom billing platform.

“I am thrilled to have this released after almost two years in design, development and testing with our initial customers.” said Pete Keane, CEO of SalesReach. “To have built this using Lightning Process Builder while partnered with great customers like Telco Experts and the world class telecom billing system H2O by Overgroup, allowed us to complete this integration in a way never before done in the industry.”

Mr. Keane’s reference to lightening process builder reflects SalesReach’s commitment to building apps with “clicks not code” as advocated by This speeds development, allows modifications without the need for expensive custom programming and allows for telecom service providers to become the nimble, customer focused organizations they have not previously been able to be.

Mr. Keane added: “The major issue holding back telecom service providers, managed services companies, VoIP providers, resellers and the like, has been the structural problems of trying to integrate CRM and billing. These two mission critical systems have never before been able to speak with one another directly.”

SalesReach Join fixes this for over fifty different telecom billing systems. As SalesReach Join does the data integration for them, the user only needs to learn There is no need to work in redundant systems. The billing is done by the billing system, but the data is entered, viewed and modified only within This saves time and money as users only need to learn the one system. Additionally data is always synchronized between the systems, eliminating the problems of dirty data, so common in traditional telecom carrier billing and OSS systems.

Reporting and forecasting are also enhanced by SalesReach Join’s automatic updating of the actual billing data into from the billing system. This opens additional analytical capabilities. Everything from lead acquisition, to qualification, proposal to close to billing all is accounted for in one single system – running SalesReach Telecom and SalesReach Join.

SalesReach Join links to the billing systems by being added to SalesReach Telecom as an easy to install extension app.

SalesReach Telecom and SalesReach Join are immediately available for a free 90 day trial for telecom service providers, resellers, VoIP service providers and resellers. For companies not already using, SalesReach will even provide a fully configured Developers system for the ninety day trial.

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