SalesReach Integrates with QuickBooks Online & Xero Online accounting

SalesReach Join and SalesReach Telecom, now integrate with QuickBooks Online and Xero online accounting packages via Breadwinner.

SalesReach enables Telecom carriers, Resellers, MSPs and Agents to leverage the power of using the extensive quoting, commision processing and other tools Salesreach adds. Now these tools include integration with industry-leading cloud-based accounting apps. customers using SalesReach can, with the Breadwinner integration app, generate Invoices directly in QuickBooks Online and Xero online accounting. When those Invoices are marked as paid in QuickBooks or Xero, the Breadwinner app connects the accounting package and updates SalesReach and Salesforce with this information. Your Sales team can generate invoices quickly and accurately, and instantly check to see if prior invoices have been paid and by how many days those invoices are outstanding. And they can do all this from within SalesReach / Salesforce! It even can handle complex billing issues like handling call detail records and complex tax tables that exist in Telecommunications.

Please contact Breadwinner or SalesReach for a custom quote on these integrations.

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