AT&T Partner Exchange Services: Mobility, AVPN & MIS now quoting through SalesReach Telecom on

For Immediate Release:  June 1, 2016

SalesReach Telecom’s unique CPQ method, “SalesReach CSPQ” – Configure, Source, Price, Quote does API sourcing of costs, marks up & presents AT&T APEX in Solution Providers unique branding for quotes.

AT&T Partner Exchange Solution Providers may now obtain real-time pricing and service availability from directly within with SalesReach Telecom for Carriers and Resellers. Service availability and pricing are available today for AT&T AVPN, MIS and Mobility services.

Pete Keane, President of SalesReach Software said: “The best IT and Telecom Solution providers in America have already made the jump from old-fashioned technologies to I can not express how happy and proud I am that our SalesReach team here in the low-country of South Carolina have developed the only means available to do quotes for AT&T AVPN, MIS and Mobility natively on The speed and accuracy to quote these products will enable AT&T Partner Exchange Solution providers to do more business, more easily than ever before.”

SalesReach Telecom for Carriers and Resellers, available on the appexchange here, provides all the functions needed by today’s superstar solution providers. The functions include:

  • SalesReach CSPQ quoting (Configure, Source, Price, Quote)
  • SalesReach Commission Processing
  • SalesReach Join for connection to virtually any API driven OSS or billing system
  • SalesReach TEM – Telecom Expense Management
  • SalesReach administration and development services

All of these services are delivered at a cost of about one-third that of old-fashioned legacy products long in use in the telecom and solution provider markets. All SalesReach customers with AT&T APEX contracts get additional SalesReach pricing incentives just for being a part of the AT&T Partner Exchange program.

For AT&T products Mobility, AVPN and MIS the costs returned are your contracted rates. SalesReach CSPQ’s unique, easy to manage and use Price Calculation Rules do the Solution Providers markups, margins, adders, rounding and many more functions automatically. This ensures Solution Providers always present the best price according to their specific business rules.

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