SalesReach Announces “One Quote”

August 15, 2016
With One Quote youll close em all#ChannelPartnersEvolution

SalesReach announces “One Quote
at Channel Partners EVOLUTION

One Quote” provides Agents, VARs, MSPs and business customers with the most robust, easiest-to-use product and service sourcing, availability and pricing tool  available today.

One Quote is free to all registered users.  

One Quote offers over three hundred service providers in the telecom, cloud services, and IT segments for product sourcing, service availability determination, and pricing.

SalesReach One Quote is built on but users do not need licenses and do not need to be users of

For Telecom and Cloud Providers, Suppliers, Resellers, and Master Agents SalesReach One Quote is the dream application for Agent Acquisition.

Why?  Because SalesReach One Quote” brings them the agents and customers they want at the lowest cost of agent or customer acquisition possible.

How does SalesReach One Quote help Suppliers?

  • SalesReach One Quote is not just a pricing tool.  It is an Agent and Customer Acquisition tool.
  • Using a combination of user and supplier profiles,’s vast processing power and security, and other AI and heuristic matching capabilities, it matches the attributes of the Users with the attributes Suppliers want in new agents and in business customer opportunities.
  • For agent acquisition, it allows Suppliers to find those agents with the qualities, expertise and attributes they want. But that are often so hard to discern in new agent prospects. SalesReach One Quote heuristically matches those agent prospects to the Suppliers defined model, thereby ensuring the Supplier of finding the agent candidates most likely to be successful.
  • For business customer opportunities, it brings Suppliers the end user prospects they want. That is, those whose needs are most closely matched with the Suppliers ability to deliver their most important products, at the highest margins, with the best customer experience possible.

How does SalesReach “One Quote” help Agent, VAR and MSP Users?

  • It is free to users.  There are thousands pre-registered.  Since it is free and there is no contract, tests demonstrate they’ll be inclined to try it and then to continue using it.
  • It is easy to create Requests and the Results come back in an easy to understand web-based layout.
  • No more sending multiple emails or logging on to different systems to get availability and pricing from multiple sources.
    • Users submit a single “One Quote” Request asking for products and services in industry-standard generic terms.
    • The single Request is translated by “One Quote” into the nomenclature of the Supplier.  “One Quoautomaticallycaly adds any additional items needed to complete the Results.  This ensures all quoted items are fully configured as necessary. This occurs every time for even highly complex, multiple component product offerings and bundles.
    • The Results are returned to the User with the Supplier’s specific product branding, nomenclature, descriptions, and prices.
    • If special pricing is needed, it can be returned by the Supplier directly to the requesting User through “One Quote”.
  • Suppliers can include whatever information they want to include with the Result.
    • Many suppliers present documents like contracts and agreements, product pdf’s, and case studies along with the Results.
    • This helps the User ascertain the full scope of the benefits attributable to the offered Supplier solution.
    • This information can place the User in the position of being a truly indispensable extension of their customer’s team.  The “Trusted Partner” brought to a new level.
  • If a user already has by subscribing to SalesReach Telecom (for Agents or for Carriers) SalesReach “One Quote” they can pass the details of each Request directly to the platform using to
    • This instantly updates the Users Opportunity Products and both the Users and Suppliers forecasts.
    • It can even notify other members of the Users and Suppliers sales and management teams of the Opportunity.
    • SalesReach Telecom (for either Agents or Carriers) has associated charges depending on the version and number of users.  Contact SalesReach for pricing.

What does SalesReach One Quote cost?

  • Users are never charged for the use of the SalesReach “One Quote”  application.  SalesReach does not require a credit card or any other means of payment.  There is no contract other than the included terms of service enumerating the Proprietary and Confidential aspects of the information delivered.  A User may cancel the service at any time.
  • Suppliers using one of the older legacy pricing tools common in Telecom and IT can have all SalesReach “One Quote” offers for a cost of one-third to one-sixth what they have historically paid SalesReach competitors.

Carriers, Service Providers and other Supplier wanting more information, please click here and complete the form at the bottom of the page.

Agents wanting additional information or wanting to pre-register please click here.

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