Based Alternative to Masterstream & RPM Now Available

SalesReach Telecom Based Alternative to Masterstream & RPM Now Available

Still Using a Blackberry? Probably not. Why? Because the Android and iPhone platforms provide far more capabilities then the old leader, Blackberry. is simply a better platform for running applications, then many of the old fashioned legacy technology systems you may have used for years.

Why continue running your Telecom business on a less capable platform then is available today. When you can get a more powerful, better performing, more feature rich system, with much greater capability for a lower cost with SalesReach Telecom.

The choices are simple:

Blackberry or iPhone?

Blackberry or Android?

Your old fashioned legacy system or SalesReach Telecom?

Full CRM with no cost to customize

+ 100% Money Back GUARANTEE of Satisfaction

+ No work to migrate old data

+ QuoteReach real-time multi-Location/service/carrier quoting with service availability

+ We add all your carriers and suppliers to improve the Quoting Free of Charge to you and them!

+ Your own beautiful, customized quote and proposal templates

+ Inventory Management

+ SalesReach Commission Management

+ a Lower cost than many old fashioned legacy systems

= a better performing, more profitable business for you.

For details visit us on the AppExchange or email us at or call (843) 321-4220 option 1.