SalesReach TEM

Telecom Expense Management

Is now a free app on the appexchange!

Problem: Communication costs out of control 

  • Telecom installs have become a complex mix of overlapping carriers
  • No easy way to review all invoices side-by-side
  • Unmanaged voice and data pooling plans lead to astronomical overagesSR_TEM-60x60
  • Integration with ERP or SalesForce a nightmare

Solution:  Announcing SalesReach TEM for Agents and Consultants

SalesReach TEM is the only fully integrated Telecom Expense Management application. If you’re already using Salesforce, you can now use SalesReach TEM to cut telecom spend at your customers by as much as 20% in the next six months. You’ll make lots of money, while making your customers very happy!

SalesReach TEM Benefits

  • Displays wireless and wireline charges from multiple carriers in one view
  • Reports provide a complete audit trail for telecom cost control
  • Easily and quickly track, report and recover over-charges from carriersTA_Recommended_Vendor_150H
  • Eliminate paper invoices and manage your customers telecom spend in minutes a month with SalesReach TEM
  • Whether you’re a corporate customer looking for ways to cut OPEX or an agent/consultant with clients who want to save money, SalesReach TEM is the app for you!

Try it now – the App is Free!

  1. Download the app on the AppExchange
  2. Set up 1 carrier and we’ll get your invoices
  3. Review your first invoice and you’ll see how easy it is to audit and control your costs
  4. Set up of customer billing connections, record imports and other extra services are available. Various fees may apply.
  5. Consultants and agents who don’t use, don’t worry.  We have an option for you too.

Want more information on SalesReach TEM?

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