Telecom Extension Apps

For users of:
SalesReach Telecom for Carriers & 

SalesReach Telecom for Agents

SalesReach Advanced Business Process Packages include the following services designed to automate the processes of existing users of SalesReach Telecom for Carriers and SalesReach Telecom for Agents by:

  • Improving and speeding up the sales, order and customer support processes you use, through the use of pre-designed and packaged functions being added to your SalesReach implementation.
  • These functions are operational when installation is complete.
  • Install is by AppExchange link.  SalesReach Telecom for Carriers or SalesReach Telecom for Agents is a prerequisite for installation.
  • You may choose all of the following or individual components.
Advanced Business Process Automation Packages:
Agent & Customer Community for up to 5000 users with no per user fees. 
Web Lead to Instant Quote
Opportunity, Quote and Proposal Automation
MACD Automation 
Order Processing & Implementation Management Automation
Contract Management Automation
Case Management Automation including Web to Case, Email to Case

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