MACD Extension App

MACD (Move, Add, Change, Delete) Automation Extension App

Overview:  Telecom industry users of need an easy way to create, track and manage MACD Opportunities.  They need to be able to track the implementation of related Opportunity Products and the impact of the MACD on current revenues.  The SalesReach MACD Extension App does this.

Functions:  Provides a MACD (Move, Add, Change, Delete) process that enables users to easily create MACD Opportunities:

  • One button creates new child Opportunities related to the original (Parent) Opportunity.
  • Tracks and adjusts the revenue expectations for the original Opportunity based on the following criteria existing on the MACD Opportunity:
    • Move Order – with additional revenue.
    • Move Order – with no change in revenue.
    • Move Order – with reduced revenue.
    • Add Order – with additional revenue.
    • Add Order – with no change in revenue.
    • Add Order – with reduced revenue.
    • Change Order – with additional revenue.
    • Change Order – with no change in revenue.
    • Change Order – with reduced revenue.
    • Delete Order – with additional revenue.
    • Delete Order – with no change in revenue.
    • Delete Order – with reduced revenue.
    • Renewal Order – with additional revenue.
    • Renewal Order – with no change in revenue.
    • Renewal Order – with reduced revenue.
  • Process automatically assigns a non-conflicting Supplier Compensation ID
  • Rolls-up additional or reduced revenue to the Parent Opportunity automatically
  • Expected revenues and forecasts properly reflect the true value of the original Opportunity plus or minus the revenue impact of the MACD Opportunity.
  • Tracks ongoing revenues and commissions on the original Opportunity.
  • Includes a MACD report reflecting all MACD’s, and their monthly impact on the original Opportunity.
  • Includes an Opportunity List-View that shows all Opportunities with related MACD’s

Price:                   $495.00 one time charge.
Install & Setup:   Self Install by customer via install link from Appexchange.
                            Optional SalesReach Installation and Setup: $100.00
Requirements:       Requires SalesReach Telecom for Carriers or SalesReach Telecom for Agents V4.x and later.

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