CSPQ™ for Telecom Carriers & Resellers

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CSPQ – a better CPQ.

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Mobile-Ready, API-Driven, Telecom Service Availability & Pricing
with Cost-Based Markups, Margins for Quote & Proposal Generation
running on the secure Salesforce.com platform.

CSPQ, “Configure, Source, Price & Quote” is the #1 most widely used Salesforce.com application for Telecom carrier, reseller and agent price quoting and proposal generation, has been radically enhanced. It now supports an even greater range of pricing capabilities.  These new capabilities allow carriers and resellers to include underlying supplier elements to be added to their assembled products.  API driven service availability and costs are provided by the underlying supplier or wholesale carrier API’s.  

The costs, once obtained, can be manipulated in a virtually unlimited number of ways based on the carrier or resellers specific business rules.  Once calculated they are returned to the requesting user in their own salesforce.com org. The user selects the properly rated products from the available product options presented. The items then are added to the salesforce.com Opportunity Product Line Items, for inclusion in the quote or proposal.  Only approved items are be aggregated together in the results provided, ensuring the right items are sold together.  This eliminates the expensive and customer impacting issue of incorrectly engineered orders.

How does it work?

CSPQ receives the incoming service availability and pricing request from a salesforce.com user whose company has chosen SalesReach Telecom. SalesReach Telecom is a salesforce.com appexchange app that includes the CSPQ user components.  It allows  them to submit the price quote and service availability requests to the CSPQ Provider org, where the API connectivity exists and the pricing calculations occur.  

The requesting user may be an internal employee of the carrier or reseller, or an independent Agent, VAR, or other distributor of the Carriers or Reseller who has been granted secure access to the information.  The user may have their own salesforce.com account or the Carrier or Reseller may provide the access via the salesforce.com Community Partner Portal.

After sending a request to all applicable underlying suppliers, the CSPQ Provider org  receives the responses back from the underlying suppliers.  The underlying supplier costs are computed according to the business rules set for each and every product family, product type, term, quantity variation, and other factors of the carrier.  The calculated results are presented to the requesting user of salesforce.com.  

How are calculations made?

The retail pricing calculations can be set by whatever business rules the Carrier or Reseller wishes.  Typical calculations structures are:

  • Markup from cost
  • Margin on selling price
  • Markup from cost or margin on selling price + or – an adder
  • Markup from cost or margin on selling price + or – a multiplier
  • Markup from cost or margin on selling price + or – an adder and + or – a multiplier
  • Markup from cost or margin on selling price + or – an adder that varies based on the costs ranges
  • Markup from cost or margin on selling price + or – a multiplier that varies based on the costs ranges
  • Markup from cost or margin on selling price + or – an adder and + or – a multiplier that varies based on the costs ranges
  • Any or all of the above variations rounded up or down to a fixed amount.

For example:

An access loop costs $120.00 and the business rules specify that for a cost range of $100.00 to $200.00 the markup is 60%.  Plus an adder of $50.00 is to be applied with a cost in that range, the retail price would be $242.00.  (($120 x 1.6) + ($50)) = $242.00. The calculated number can even be rounded up or down to whatever other amount is desired.  The $242.00 shown above could be rounded up to an even $250.00.

Even with the virtually unlimited range of setpoints available, maintenance of the business rules is as easy as altering a list view. Changes happen in real time.  


How is service availability determined?

CSPQ user requests provide the phone number and address information.  The call to the underlying supplier API specifies what should be sent.  If they require NPANXX. CLLI, Address, Zip or any other variable, it is sent to the underlying supplier.  The underlying supplier determines availability and returns the answer to CSPQ.

What wholesale Carriers or underlying suppliers are available?

Wholesale Carriers available as underlying suppliers are being added regularly.  Just a few notable suppliers available for inclusion as underlying suppliers today via API are:  

  • Airespring
  • AT&T
  • Broadview Networks
  • CenturyLink
  • Earthlink Wholesale
  • Earthlink Business (Retail only)
  • Integra Telecom
  • Level 3
  • MegaPath
  • Momentum Telecom
  • TelePacific
  • Transbeam
  • Verizon
  • Windstream
  • XO Communications
  • Any other carrier with a wholesale API can be added at a very low cost.

Can Carriers without an API be included?

Yes.  The CSPQ system also supports database driven pricing and service availability  for those Carriers wishing to include their products for both the wholesale and retail markets.  The Carrier provides their respective availability list3 and method (Geolocation Code, NPANXX, CLLI, Address, ZIP/Postal Code, other). It is housed on secure salesforce.com servers and is not available to anyone or any process other than those authorized to make requests and obtain results.

Why would a Carrier or Reseller want to use CSPQ?

Carriers and Resellers need to ensure they receive the lowest overall cost for the components they need to deliver their branded products. Once a Carrier or Reseller has determined the underlying suppliers that offer the items they need, at the level of quality they require, selection of who to use for specific opportunities becomes a function of two primary issues:

  1. Which underlying suppliers have the services or products available at the locations  where they needs to be installed?
  2. What are the costs for those underlying suppliers who have service available and meet or exceed the other specs?

CSPQ solves the dilemma by providing the needed information to the requestor in near-real-time2. Getting the variety of options available without having to wait for old-fashioned email replies or having to log into multiple supplier portals speeds the process, improves the close ratio for the sales reps, agents, VARs or others using the system; and results in happier clients by providing them the answers and options far more quickly and accurately than previously available.

Does CSPQ support product bundles?

Yes.  CSPQ is specifically built for product bundles or customized product assemblies so that individual components can be aggregated together to form a bundled offering with all included and / or required components.  For example as user may ask for a Hosted VoIP seat license.  The Result can return the requested seat license plus voicemail, one or more handset options, shipping and on-site installation, if that was what the carrier bundle is set to include.

How can Carriers and Resellers have their products added to CSPQ?

Carriers wishing for their wholesale products to be available to their resellers or who want their retail products available to Agents, VArs and others using CSPQ should send their API spec to supplieradditions@salesreachsoftware.com.  

How quickly can It be set up?

Implementation varies by underlying supplier and special unique configurations, which we are glad to assist in designing, creating and implementing.  Typically simple implementations take from thirty to sixty days. More complex highly customized versions may take longer.  Less complex database driven implementations

What does It cost?

Customers pay nominal one time setup1 and monthly recurring charge1 for each connected underlying supplier.  Carriers pay only for their own internal users. Not external users like Agents with their own salesforce.com system.

CSPQ Process Flow


 About SalesReach Software

SalesReach Software is the largest provider of managed native applications for telecommunications, insurance agencies and managed home services businesses running on salesforce.com.  Backed by Lighter Capital, a global venture capital firm based in Washington and led by application architect Pete Keane, the growing team of SalesReach globally based sales, support and development experts provides their applications to thousands of users around the globe.  Clients and Partners such as AT&T, CallOne, Momentum, RingCentral, ACL Financial, Clarus, Global Systems Telecom and many others rely on the deep and wide expertise of SalesReach for their apps, support and customized development on their salesforce.com implementations.


  1. API setup, recurring or other API connectivity charges required in a wholesale contract between a carrier and a wholesale customer if any, are the responsibility of the customer.
  2. Near-Real-Time is defined as the time needed for the underlying suppliers API to return the results to the requesting user.
  3. Due to the size of some service availability database implementations, storage charges may apply.