SalesReach AT&T APEX CSPQ Video

AT&T APEX CSPQ™ Overview:  

SalesReach CSPQ – is not just another CPQ. It does what no other CPQ product does. Yes, it Configures, Prices and Quotes complex product and service offerings.  But unlike any other CPQ it Sources the components in real time via API’s to any and all Underlying Suppliers desired, as specified by the you, the product manufacturer or service provider.  
CSPQ allows complex product and services quoting to be systematically approached allowing for easy, complete and accurate Configuration, Sourcing, Pricing and Quoting of the items while preventing important or required items from being forgotten, as often happens when complex quotes are done.

The Secret Sauce (or should we say “The Secret Source”) in CSPQ is its’ ability to Source the materials that make up your product or service offerings from Underlying Suppliers in real time via the CSPQ sourcing hub.  Watch how it works in the following video.

SalesReach CSPQ – Configure, Source, Price & Quote Video with AT&T APEX API





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