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June 1st, 2016 Press Release – AT&T Mobility added to SalesReach CSPQ.


The AT&T Partner Exchange program gives Carriers, Telecom Resellers, MSP’s and Solution Providers the opportunity to offer powerful and reliable AT&T products and services to their clients. Featuring a portfolio of flexible solutions, attractive discounts, quick-deal registrations, marketing funds, tools, and support, the AT&T Partner Exchange opens more opportunities for these business. Through the program, Solution Providers can:

  • Offer sophisticated and powerful products from AT&T at competitive prices.
  • Provide a complete range of AT&T services, from networking to cloud storage to wireless.
  • Connect to the API platform to realize more speed, visibility, accuracy, and control over processes.

For those using or considering using, the benefits of the AT&T Partner Exchange are increased even more.  By making available SalesReach Softwares unique quoting capabilities CSPQ – “Configure, Source, Price, Quote”, to AT&T Partner Exchange companies can do their quotes, with real-time sourcing directly within


How does AT&T APEX work with SalesReach CSPQ Quoting on

SalesReach CSPQ directly connects AT&T Solution Providers using via API to allow virtually instant determination of AT&T MIS and AVPN services availability.  Where service is available, the secure API connection retrieves the Solution Providers contracted costs from AT&T. These costs are processed into the Solution Providers product offerings.

The offerings include the Solution Providers product or service names, descriptions, pricing and other details.  The offerings automatically include the Solution Providers add-on offerings that complement the AT&T data services.  Revenues are increased.  Margins are improved.  In the process customer satisfaction is assured by providing a fast, accurate and professionally prepared product proposal or quote, that includes all the required components.  So the order can be placed without the errors so common in old fashioned manual or legacy systems.

Once the customer places the order, the SalesReach Telecom app, of which SalesReach CSPQ is just one part, lets the Solution Provider process the orders, manage the implementation and generate the billing, without needing any other data processing system.  Finally post sale support is handled within’s Case system.  So all data from pre-sale, through services determination, pricing, customer order placement, implementation and post sale interactions reside within SalesReach and


AT&T Partner Exchange Solution Providers receive substantial financial benefits by choosing SalesReach.

It is not unusual for an AT&T Partner Exchange Solution Provider to see reductions of fifty percent or more by selecting SalesReach Telecom for Carriers, versus the cost of SalesReach Telecom by Solution Providers not participating in the AT&T Partner Exchange program. Or versus those using old-fashioned legacy platforms.

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