CSPQ – Configure, Source, Price, Quote Product Details

SalesReach CSPQ™ Product Details

What does CSPQ stand for?

In business the term “CPQ” is widely understood to mean “Configure, Price, Quote”.  This concept has been around for years, with varying degrees of success and performance. SalesReach CSPQ takes this old-fashioned concept to a new level.  CSPQ adds the “Sourcing” of full products and/or component parts to the Result.  CSPQ assembles the pieces together.  It computes the pricing.  CSPQ prevents errors and dissatisfied customers by automatically including the required additional components, that while required are often missing, to the quote automatically.  Sourcing takes into account business-specific criteria or rules. It applies them before a Result is returned so that the quote fulfills all the customer-defined business rules.  These include:

  • the validation of service availability globally by address, phone number or other customer-definable criteria.
  • the addition of the components brought together and offered in the quote out of those returned by multiple Underlying Supplier APIs or database feeds.  All based on a virtually unlimited set of customer-definable criteria.
  • the ability to present different markup, margin or other selling-price-determinates by multiple customer-definable criteria.
  • the ability to present different selling prices to different users making requests for quotes.
  • many, many other benefits.

Therefore CSPQ means:

C – Configuration of desired items for a quote, the

S – Sourcing of the needed products or product components based on what is available at a given location address, from underlying suppliers that combine to form a complete product.  Apply the

P – Price calculation rules against the sourced costs to arrive at products properly priced based on the desired margin, markup or fixed price rules and finally to

Q – Quote the configured, sourced, and priced items in whatever format the user desires.

What is the purpose for building this product when there are “acceptable” older telecom and IT CPQ products?

The best way to understand why SalesReach took on the huge project to build such a system when other CPQ products exist can best be explained by analogy.

Think about your mobile device.  Ten year ago if you wanted the best mobile device for business, you chose a Blackberry. Not today. Today your choice likely will be an IPhone or Android device.  Why? Simple.  Both Iphone and Android phones are both built on better, more capable platforms.  The same dynamic exists here.  SalesReach CSPQ is built on salesforce.com, the most feature-rich, advanced, robust, cloud application development platform in existence.  Older competitors are virtually all built on client-server relational database platforms that do not have to features, functions or size and scope available from salesforce.com.  So would you buy a Blackberry, an IPhone or an Android device is no different that asking:  Would you buy SalesReach CSPQ running on Salesforce.com or old-fashioned client-server-based competitors?  One more point…SalesReach CSPQ is far less expensive than Masterstream, Quoteworks, Quosal and others.  None of which run on salesforce.com as a native application.

The purpose in designing, developing and deploying SalesReach CSPQ as an included, no extra charge component of SalesReach Telecom is to fulfill these and other objectives:

  • User Objectives:
    • Allow users of Salesforce.com running SalesReach Telecom to produce beautiful quotes,
      • regardless of whether or not the requesting user is in the customers salesforce.com environment or their own.
      • whether the user requesting the quote has salesforce.com enterprise, unlimited, performance or community partner licenses.
      • in any output format desired, not just HTML emails or stock pdf formats.
      • easily, quickly and accurately.
      • while ensuring all results conform to terminology, regulatory and legal requirements, pricing accuracy and other criteria as specified by the CSPQ customer.
    • Allow users the benefits of a modern, intuitive, device-independent, globally available and secure platform,
      • while presenting the user with an attractive and modern user interface that works equally well in desktop and mobile devices.  
      • that makes the quoting of complex products and services like telecom, highly configuration-specific IT products and services and other complex products simple.  
      • with a modern, visually attractive user interface making it so easy to learn and use that User acceptance is unmatched.
  • Management Objectives
    • Allow the management team in companies deploying CSPQ to:
      • be fully up, running and operational within one week of the customer’s submission of the data needed to load the CSPQ pricing hub.
      • choose from any of the large and growing list of API connected or database-driven Underlying Suppliers, who provide full products or component parts that can be included in their quotes, with no cost to design, develop, deploy and manage the constantly-changing API connections.
      • report and analyze the comparative availability and costs of the quotes received from their various Underlying Suppliers.  Including the current, historical and forecasted future transactions with Underlying Suppliers.
      • have sales forecasts automatically updated, accurately and in real time.
      • gain the efficiencies by having all users working in a single salesforce.com environment eliminating the delays, inaccuracies and high use costs of “application swivel-chairing”.
      • eliminate all costs relating to paying for multiple systems.
      • eliminating the extra labor costs for users needing to be trained in and to use multiple systems.
      • increase customer and rep satisfaction by improving accuracy, reportability and timeliness of quotes.

There are so many additional reasons we could enumerate between CSPQ and old-fashioned systems, we simply can’t list them all here.  We can provide side-by-side comparisons of CSPQ and Masterstream.  Complete the form located here to get the comparison report.


Customer Use Case Example:  

Telecom Hosted VoIP provider wants to sell Hosted VoIP with 10Mb access at a specific location and is not sure what Underlying Supplier has service at that specific address.  

To quote this product requires a pricing system that can address some or all of the following:

  • Hosted VoIP Seat licenses
    • They are available “anywhere” but at what markup, margin, price, terms or conditions?
    • Should these vary by who is making the Request, when it is submitted, where it is to be installed or any other reason?
  • Hosted VoIP Phones
    • A variety of choices need to be available from multiple manufacturers.  
    • But which distributor has the best price, delivery, support and inventory today?  What Sourcing criteria is most important? 
  • Access – 10Mb access is requested.
    • Any number of underlying transport technologies from NxT1 to Ethernet over copper, Ethernet over fiber and Cable exist.
    • Which technology to select?  
    • Which Underlying supplier to choose?
    • What criteria should be applied?
  • Various taxes and fees.
    • Should they be shown on the quote?
    • How should they be broken down?
    • What descriptions should be listed?
  • Account level charge
    • One time and recurring.
    • Always or based on criteria?
    • What about Tax exempt organizations?
  • Location level charge (Recurring only)
    • Is this to be applied for each location on a multi-location quote or cumulatively?
    • Should this be included on the quote?

In this example SalesReach CSPQ allows the user to simply select the seat license type and the access speed needed.  All other decisions can be made following the supplier’s business rules by SalesReach CSPQ.  The Result for the User (aka “Sales person”) is a painless, fast and easy quote that includes exactly what management, legal and marketing decide should be in the quote.  

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