SalesReach Insurance

SalesReach Insurance

  • Does your Insurance Agency use
  • Do you have carriers who pay you commissions?
  • Do you pay agents commissions?
  • Do you want your agency to run smoothly, effectively and efficiently?
  • If your answer is yes to these questions then SalesReach Insurance is for you.

SalesReach Insurance Agency Management includes the only based application that includes complete, easy to use, fool-proof, commissions processing.

SalesReach Insurance is the only Agency Management System that includes a completely integrated commission management system baked right in. There is no special setup, customization or other administrative work.  Just load and configure it and you’re up and running.

SalesReach Insurance with Commission Management is the only 100% native based insurance agency application that enables, agents and brokers to manage policies, quotes, renewals and claims for their agents and carriers while tracking, calculating, splitting, reporting and paying commissions. It is the first and only based insurance agency management app able to handle the entire end to end customer life cycle, including tracking receipt and payment of commissions.

  • Everything from New Policies to Renewals
  • Track Commissions by Carrier, Primary Agent, Referring Agent
  • Track every carrier product or service you sell.
  • Recover those commissions you always thought were missing

Prices start at just $25.00 per communities portal user, or $50.00 for an enterprise, unlimited or performance license user.

See how insurance broker Jerry,  deals with the headaches of commission

For a no obligation demonstration or to get a free thirty-day trial, call toll free: (844) 256-8301 that’s (844) CLOUD-01 or complete the form below to download the app today to start your free trial.


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