SalesReach Join

SalesReach Join for Telecom Carriers, Resellers & MSPs

SalesReach Join:  Integrate your billing system fully with  Go from concept to complete in just days.  On your existing or new deployment.

SalesReach Join connects to carrier billing and OSS systems.  This allows users to work exclusively in, while the work historically done within a separate, stand alone billing system, is sent from to the billing system and changes from the billing system are brought back into automatially.

SalesReach Join provides all of the following for telecom carriers and reseller users of

  • Carrier Grade Pricing and Service Availability:  Up to 10,000 locations at one time.
  • Service Availability: Determination by NPANXX, CLLI, Full Address, Zip, Latitude/Longitude. By product, by underlyings supplier, by anything.
  • Price Calculations:  Take available underlying supplier components, add  your network components. Check the cost range, apply markups or multipliers, apply adders, round up to the next even dollar, five ten, twenty, fifty or one hundred dollar increment.
  • Build the product:  Automatically add your product names, descriptions, whatever.  Drop it all into Opportunity Product Line items. Update the forecasts.
  • Quote & Special Pricing application:  See item by item margins.  Automatically or by approval apply global or line item discounts for special pricing.
  • Deliver to the customer: Produce your documents in your chosen formats and get it out.
  • Billing system integration:  After closing the sale, do the complete setup, provisioning and feed to your chosen billing system directly from your screens. Nothing new to learn. No redundant smoke stack systems. Integrate to over thirty Telco Billing Systems.
  • Partner Community:  Oh yes. Lets not forget your channel partners. It works for them too. They just don’t see those things you don’t want them to see.
  • Commission Processing and Payment:  Once closed and commissions are due, SalesReach Commissions processes the billing into any type of commission you want to pay.  Residual – check.  Upfront – check. Spif – check. Performance attainment – check.   Whatever.  It’s all right there.

And now the best part…

SalesReach Join Package Promotion for new carrier & reseller customers

Promotion Description:  The SalesReach Join Package Promotion, exclusively for carriers, includes everything necessary to enhance your abilities with your implementation. Including: CRM, Sales, Quoting/Proposal Generation, Special Pricing and Terms/Conditions Approvals, Ordering, Contract Management, Service & Support, Commission Processing and complete integration with your chosen Billing System.  All this for a simple, fixed rate price monthly that includes everything.

The SalesReach Join Package Promotion includes:

  • SalesReach Join plus:
  • SalesReach Telecom
  • QuoteReach for Carriers
  • Full and complete billing system integration
  • Available immediately: H2O
  • Numerous others can be operational in four to six weeks.  (Billing system API access required.)
  • SalesReach Commissions for Carriers
  • SalesReach TEM – Telecom Expense Management
  • administration and development services

Three Promos:  Whichever one is right for you, everything is included.

SalesReach Join Starter Carrier Promo:  

Includes:  20 licenses, 5 hours per month administration or development services.  Flat Rate: $995.00 per month, $995.00 Setup. Additional licenses flat rate $15.00 each. Three year term. Prices fixed for initial and one subsequent three year term.

SalesReach Join Emerging Carrier Promo: 

Includes:  50 licenses, 10 hours per month administration or development services.  Flat Rate: $1995.00 per month, $1500.00 Setup. Additional licenses flat rate $15.00 each. Three year term. Prices fixed for initial and one subsequent three year term.

SalesReach Join Large Carrier Promo: 

Includes:  Unlimited licenses, 20 hours per month administrationor development services. Flat Rate: $7,500.00 per month. $5,000.00 setup. Three year term. Prices fixed for initial and one subsequent three year term.

SalesReach Join Package Components

SalesReach Join:

Is the central hub connecting your org to all necessary external resources.  This includes connections to your Underlying Suppliers to obtain service availability and full product or component pricing. It includes the connections to Billing systems such as our fully implemented complete integration with H2O. It is able to connect to virtually any other system you desire.

SalesReach Telecom:

Is the platform independent, mobile ready, app that underpins all functions listed below.

It is available directly from the appexchange.

It is successfully in use by hundreds of companies with thousands of employees.

It connects to SalesReach Join which connects your salesforce org to all the external systems you may need to be connected to for pricing, provisioning, billing, finance, whatever.

QuoteReach for Carriers:

Allows creation and communication of quote Requests from the user, to the SalesReach Join platform, on which QuoteReach processes the Requests into Results.

This communication is done via a salesforce to salesforce connection between the customer salesforce org and the SalesReach Join org.

Requests are seen by the SR Join org and a determination is instantly made concerning who submitted the request; does the requested data reside directly on the SR Join platform or is it obtained by an API connection to an underlying supplier; what data the requestor is authorized to get back when the result is returned and much more.

Once these determinations are made the request is completed by submission to all applicable Underlying Suppliers.  API requests go by the already existing API. Database requests are seen locally.  Either way, a determination is made of whether or not the underlying supplier has the service available. if yes the price calculation rules are applied.  The Request is fulfilled as a complete Result.

Here is how we do it.

  • We identify on a product-by-product basis, what components to add together to build your product.
  • The product can be a single item, such as an Access Loop or a collection of items such as your Hosted VoIP product + an access loop + phones + equipment.
  • You may obtain costs from one or multiple Underlying Suppliers.  Your business Rules determine which Underlying Supplier products are added to the Quote.

Example:  If you want your Hosted VoIP offering to present an access loop as a required part it will do so.  If you want Hosted VoIP to offer but not require an access loop, it will do that too.  Whatever you define determines the various “kits”.

For each Kit or individual item, you decide how you want pricing calculated. The Price Calculation Rules are:

Cost Range Low – Cost Range High.  Determine if the costs returned from your underlying supplier APIs are within a range. If yes apply the following rules. if no apply the rules for that cost range.

Price based on Margin.  Margin calculation is: Cost/(1 – Margin)

Example:  Cost of $100, Margin of 65% = (100)/(1-.65) = 100/.35 = $285.71 selling price.

Price based on Margin plus Adder.  Margin + a $ value in Adder field.

Example:  $285.71 Margin based selling price with an Adder of $100 = $285.71 + $100 = $385.71.

Price based on Multiplier. Multiplies cost by value in Multiplier field.

Cost of $100.  Multiplier of 3.565 = $100 x 3.565 = selling price of $356.50.

Price based on Multiplier plus Adder.  Multiplier + a $ value in Adder field.

Example:  $356.50 + $100 = $456.50

Range Rounding.  Round a calculated amount up or down to a specific amount based on the business rules you set. An example of a stand alone access loop with a cost of $100 and a 65% margin could be rounded as follows:

$100 / (1-.65) = 100 / .35 = $285.71.  You could round this to $285, 286, 280, 290, $300, whatever business rules desired.

Range Rounding works with any of the Price Calculation Rules

Margin + Adder example.  

  • Calculated Selling Price Range is $250 to $300 – Round up to $300 then add $75.
  • Calculated Selling Price Range is $300 to $350 – Round up to $400 then add $25.
  • Calculated Selling Price Range is $350 to $400 – Round down to $350 then add $100.

Fixed Price. Uses a fixed list and/or discount price level.

QuoteReach returns the cost as a part of the Result for internal users by user profile.   Typically costs are not sent to external agents.  But costs can be sent if so desired.  This means if you sell through resellers and they set the pricing, SalesReach Join supports that too.

SalesReach Commissions for Carriers:

Lets you leverage the work that is already done within  Commissions are processed, calculated in a virtually infinite variety of ways. Tell us how you want to pay in a “perfect world”.  We will implement it.  No development needed. Just configuring what is already there.

  • Track, apply, calculate, report and pay direct and indirect variable compensation easily, regardless of the complexity or number of comp plans.
  • Post indirect commissions directly to the salesforce community partner portal.
  • Pre-Import Reconciliation ensure you ALWAYS PAY RIGHT. And you ALWAYS PAY THE RIGHT PARTY.

SalesReach TEM – Telecom Expense Management

Saves you money by ensuring the bills from your underlying suppliers match your contracts, the individual quotes you receive and apply to your customer invoices.

Track, report and recover overcharges from your underlying carriers and other suppliers. Works with any supplier invoice – underlying carriers, cpe vendors, installation contractors, anything.

TEM tracks, reports on and provides a complete audit trail to allow users to control telecom costs.

SalesReach TEM Provides the following benefits for businesses needing to account for and allocate telecommunications expenses:

  • SalesReach TEM tracks the contractual pricing relationships between you and your underlying suppliers and the actual billing that telecom carrier issues. This saves your business money by ensuring your bills are rated at your contracted prices.
  • Allows the user to download the billing records from the carrier into the SalesReach TEM application. This automatically produces the information needed to reconcile the expenses by user, location, carrier or many other criteria.
  • Includes reports and dashboards that easily report on the costs in myriad ways showing carrier billing errors.
  • Reports create an easy way to submit requests for billing adjustments and credits for carrier overcharges.
  • Optionally SalesReach can do the work for you including (additional charges apply):
  • Automatic insertion of underlying carrier billing downloads and uploads
  • Paper Invoice Conversion to electronic media and uploads
  • Additional reporting
  • Carrier credit request management

Outsourced Administration Included Services

SalesReach Join included administration and development hours include the following.

Standard Included Functions:

Service Description
Products Add Products to QuoteReach and/or Add-a-Product Wizard to enhance Quote and proposal generation.
Commission Importing Import, process, report and distribute Commissions using SalesReach Commission Management
Add Users to Workspaces Add users to workspaces
Alerts/Field Updates alerts, and field updates
Analytic Snapshots Create and update analytic snapshots as necessary
Answer Settings Create and update answers settings
Approval Processes Create and update workflow approval processes
Assignment Rules Create and update assignment rules
Auto-response Rules Create and update auto-response rules
Business Hours Create and update business hours
Chatter Feed Settings (org wide) Create and update Chatter feed settings
Chatter Groups1 Add users to Chatter groups
Create Content Create and update content workspaces
Currencies Manage currencies
Custom Buttons and Links3 Create and update custom buttons and links
Custom Fields Create and update custom fields
Custom Objects Create and update custom objects
Custom Report Types Create and update custom report types
Dashboards Create and update dashboards as necessary
Email Templates Create email templates using customer supplied content.
Escalation Rules Create and update escalation rules
Field Accessibility Create and update field accessibility
Fiscal Year Create and update fiscal year
Forecast Hierarchy Update forecast hierarchies
Formula Fields Assist in creation and modification of formula fields as necessary
HTML Letterhead Templates Create HTML letterhead templates using customer supplied content.
Ideas Settings Create and update ideas settings
IP Ranges Add and update IP ranges
List Views Create and update list views
Manage Teams Create and update teams on user record
Mass Create Records Mass create records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file
Mass Delete Records Mass delete records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file
Mass Transfer Records Mass transfer records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file
Mass Update Records Mass update records, provided by customerin formatted CSV file
Mobile Configurations Create and update mobile configurations
Page Layouts Create and update page layouts
Password Policies Manage password policies
Portal Users Create, update and deactivate portal users
Pricebook Create and update pricebook
Profiles Create and update profiles
Public Groups Create and update public groups
Queues Create and update queues
Quote Templates Create and update quote templates using customer supplied content.
Record Types Create and update record types
Reports Assist in creation and modification of reports as necessary
Roles Create and update roles and role hierarchies
Search Settings Create and update search settings
Session Settings Manage session settings
Sharing Rules Create and update sharing rules
Standard Objects Update standard objects
Summary Formula Fields Assist in creation and modification of summary formula fields as necessary
Support/Lead Settings Update settings
Territory Hierarchy Create and update territory hierarchies
Territory Rules Create and update territory rules
Translations Workbench Create and update translations
User Territory Assignments Create and update user territory assignments
Users Create, update and deactivate users
Validation Rules Assist in creation and modification of validation rules as necessary
Workflow Rules/Tasks/ Create and update workflow rules, tasks, Developer Services

SalesReach Join includes the following developer services.

  • Design, Creation, Testing and Deployment of:
  • Apex Classes and Triggers
  • Visualforce pages
  • pages
  • Lightning connections
  • Any other supported development as listed at

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