SalesReach Managed Services PSA

Sales, Service and Support for Managed Services companies of every kind.

This is the perfect app for businesses providing contracted, managed or on-site services.

Appexchange listing is here.

Used by IT VARs, MSP’s, Pest Control, Lawn Care, Pool Care and similar businesses. Complete yet ready to be customized to your specific needs.

  • Salesforce1 Mobile Ready. No work to do. Load it and go!

  • Dispatch scheduling, billing / invoicing, recurring calls…

  • Do the work, get mobile signatures, collect credit cards on the spot and pay commissions!

Are you an IT VAR or MSP, a Landscaper, Carper Cleaner, Pest Control, Cleaning Service, Pet Walker or any other type of business providing services to businesses needing to dispatch and bill clients at the time of visit? If yes, this is the best app for you anywhere.

Running on SalesReach Managed Services supports the use of 1099 contractors beautifully. They gain access to the system with the economical Communities Partner Licenses, so you costs stay low. It’s an End to End app. From Lead gen to Commissions paid to your reps. It’s fully complete.

SalesReach Software is a faith-based Christian company here to serve you.

This is the perfect app for small businesses providing on-site home services because it is up so fast and does so much.

As it’s complete you don’t need to hire an expensive consultant to design and build it for you. If you want it customized further, you can do it or we can do it for you.

It does:
– Work orders to the mobile device
– Dispatch scheduling
– Credit Card Swipe on Site and/or Invoice Billing
– Recurring events
– Automated customer notices
Much More.

Call: (843) 705-8420.

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