SalesReach Telecom for Carriers v4.7

Summer 2016 v4.7

Quote, Close, Provision, Bill & Pay – all on

SalesReach Telecom for Carriers™ includes everything a carrier needs to run their business on It includes:

  • CSPQ – Configure, Source, Price, Quote. More info on CSPQ…
  • Supplier APIs for retail and/or wholesale availability and pricing include: Airespring, AT&T, Broadview, Cable Providers, CenturyLink, Earthlink, Integra Telecom, Megapath, Windstream and many others.
  • Commissions Management Video – Track, apply calculate and pay commissions for your direct and indirect channels right within
  • Join- Direct connection to your billing system.  Work in Salesforce. Let Salesforce work in the billing system. Integrations with H2O, QuickBooks, Xero and many others.
  • Virtual Channel Manager – Gain access to thousands of potential channel partners through SalesReach.
  • Admin and Development – SalesReach team of almost 30 admins, developers and associates can do it for you. Let us. It’s included!

SalesReach Telecom for Carriers does all of this in a way that speeds the growth of both their direct and channel sales efforts.  It improves customer satisfaction and lowers the cost of customer acquisition.

Included Apps & Major Features of SalesReach Telecom for Carriers

SR Telecom for Carriers Feature List

Pricing includes all licenses for SalesReach Telecom, SalesReach CSPQ, SalesReach Commissions, SalesReach Join and an allotment of included hours for adiminstration and development.  Also included is the unique SalesReach Virtual Channel Manager Program that helps you add new Channel Partners easily and inexpensively.

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