SalesReach Outsourced Admin and Development

SalesReach Outsourced Administration Included Services

Here is what is included in our Outsourced Administration and Development Services:




Add Products to QuoteReach and / or Add-a-Product Wizard to enhance Quote and proposal generation.

Commission Importing

Import, process, report and distribute Commissions using SalesReach Commission Management


Create, update and deactivate users

Portal Users

Create, update and deactivate portal users


Create and update roles and role hierarchies


Create and update profiles

Public Groups

Create and update public groups

Custom Objects

Create and update custom objects

Standard Objects

Update standard objects

Custom Fields

Create and update custom fields

Page Layouts

Create and update page layouts

Record Types

Create and update record types

Custom Buttons and Links3

Create and update custom buttons and links

List Views

Create and update list views


Create and update queues

Assignment Rules

Create and update assignment rules

Auto-response Rules

Create and update auto-response rules

Escalation Rules

Create and update escalation rules

Support/Lead Settings

Update settings

Manage Teams

Create and update teams on user record


Create and update pricebook

Workflow Rules/Tasks/

Create and update workflow rules, tasks,

Alerts/Field Updates

alerts, and field updates

Approval Processes

Create and update workflow approval processes




Assist in creation and modification of reports as necessary


Create and update dashboards as necessary

Analytic Snapshots

Create and update analytic snapshots as necessary

Custom Report Types

Create and update custom report types

Validation Rules

Assist in creation and modification of validation rules as necessary

Formula Fields

Assist in creation and modification of formula fields as necessary

Summary Formula Fields

Assist in creation and modification of summary formula fields as necessary

Translations Workbench

Create and update translations

Forecast Hierarchy

Update forecast hierarchies

Territory Hierarchy

Create and update territory hierarchies

Territory Rules

Create and update territory rules

User Territory Assignments

Create and update user territory assignments

HTML Letterhead Templates

Create HTML letterhead templates using customer supplied content.

Email Templates

Create email templates using customer supplied content.

Quote Templates

Create and update quote templates using customer supplied content.

Mass Transfer Records

Mass transfer records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file

Mass Delete Records

Mass delete records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file

Mass Create Records

Mass create records, provided by customer in formatted CSV file

Mass Update Records

Mass update records, provided by customerin formatted CSV file

Sharing Rules

Create and update sharing rules

Field Accessibility

Create and update field accessibility

Password Policies

Manage password policies

Session Settings

Manage session settings

IP Ranges

Add and update IP ranges


Manage currencies

Fiscal Year

Create and update fiscal year



Business Hours

Create and update business hours

Create Content

Create and update content workspaces

Add Users to Workspaces

Add users to workspaces

Chatter Feed Settings (org wide)

Create and update Chatter feed settings

Chatter Groups1

Add users to Chatter groups

Search Settings

Create and update search settings

Ideas Settings

Create and update ideas settings

Answer Settings

Create and update answers settings

Mobile Configurations

Create and update mobile configurations

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SalesReach Outsourced Development Included Services

Design, Creation, Testing and Deployment of:

  • Apex Classes and Triggers

  • Visualforce pages

  • pages

  • HTML pages

  • XML pages

  • API development of any type

  • Apps running on

  • Mobile Apps running on

  • Other development work as defined in the SOW or Order Form